Help your suppliers cut carbon

A good news story for you, your suppliers, and the planet.


Carbon management. 10X easier.

All the tools your suppliers need to measure & report their emissions.


Suppliers calculate their footprint...


Suppliers calculate their footprint...


... define a reduction pathway...


... and report externally


You monitor their progress

Assess emissions across Scopes 1, 2 and 3. Best-in-class methodology, minus the jargon and complexity

Boost supplier reporting penetration

Go from 10 to 1000 suppliers

Boost supplier reporting penetration

Transform reporting from tens of suppliers to thousands, thereby delivering on your ambitious 2025 supply chain reporting targets, and preparing for the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive.

Accelerate the adoption of carbon disclosure and science based targets among your suppliers.

Tackle Scope 3 through collaboration

Empower your suppliers

Tackle Scope 3 through collaboration

Supply chain emissions are notoriously difficult to abate, but are crucial in the race to net zero.

Gather rich primary data from suppliers, and provide them with effective tools, such as bespoke pathways & reduction initiatives, so they can decarbonise on your behalf.

Engage at scale, but don't break the bank

Cost savings across the board

Engage at scale, but don't break the bank

Reaching 20k+ suppliers with high quality carbon tools should not be this easy.

Save 80% vs adopting an in-house programme

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